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"Wikileaks_logo.svg" Wikileaks logo. From the English Wikipedia.
"Wikileaks_logo.svg" Wikileaks logo. From the English Wikipedia.
-------Wikileaks has been debate ever since it first started. Wikileaks has it's own security strategy supported by an international team of hackers. They establish different domain names on multiple servers to prevent cyber-attacks. WikiLeaks, an organization dedicated to reveal secret government and military documents, became the center of worldwide controversy when, on July 25, it leaked more than "90,000 confidential reports regarding the war in Afghanistan" (Liebowitz, 2010). Even though WikiLeaks was bombarded wtih controversy surrounding leaked information, it has portrayed the crucial benefits of technology. According to conservative pundit Glenn Beck, "the ultimate purpose of Wikileaks is to bring about necessary anarchy that would eventually lead to a restructuring of power" (Clabough, 2010, "The Unintended"). WikiLeaks has allowed everybody around the world to send in confidential files to the site anonymously without it being censored.

-------WikiLeaks describes itself as an "un-censorable system for untraceable mass document leaking" (Moss, 2010). Moreover, the New York Times has admitted to excluding information about controversial topics, because they were afraid it would "endanger confidential informants or compromise national security" (Liebowitz, 2010). Thus, the main media has created a distraction from the truth, whereas WikiLeaks has provided a basic fundamental understanding of the truth.
"IMG_4739" Julian Assange. Photo by E. Moe, 2010, Flickr. Copyright 2011 by Yahoo! Canada.
"IMG_4739" Julian Assange. Photo by E. Moe, 2010, Flickr. Copyright 2011 by Yahoo! Canada.

-------On the other hand, Julian Assange, the creator of Wikileaks has also been bombarded with controversy himself for creating Wikileaks, even though he believed that the press should have the freedom to inform everyone about the problems and corruptions that happened in the world. Wikileaks has leaked "76,000 classified government documents about the war in Afghanistan, including some that contained information that could be used to identify Afghans who have cooperated with the United States" (“Charging wikileaks”, 2010). Thus, the classified information being made to the public has caused Julian Assange himself to acknowledged that the unfiltered content on his site will one day cause him to have "blood on [his] hands" (“Charging wikileaks”, 2010).

-------Furthermore, since the leak of classified information around the Afghanistan war, the Justice Department of the United States has demanded the original documents of the Afghanistan war because they believe that it will harm the victims' families due to the uncensored information. Also, the Justice Department is considering charges against Julian Assange for violation of the Espionage act (“Charging wikileaks”, 2010).

-------According to Answers, the Espionage Act was passed in 1917 and "prohibited the disclosure of government and industrial information regarding national defense” (“”, n.d.). The control of enemy espionage benefits the government in silencing anti-war protesters and left-wing sympathizers draw criticism.

-------On the other hand, it brings about controversial issues such as political radicals opposed to to war and interference with civil liberties to the public. Over 450 conscientious objectors were jailed because they refuse the military service. The penalty provision of the act includes $10,000 fine and twenty years imprisonment. Eugene V. Debs, a socialist, was sentenced to prison for ten years after claiming the Espionage Act was unconstitutional in a speech (“”, n.d.).

-------All in all, the WikiLeaks "Saga" has brought about much controversy on who should know "what" or who shouldn't know "what". But along with the controversy, it has also bought with it a new age, where information is becoming open to all, and with the continuing of the 'classified information' being shared among everyday people, the tension will continue to build for the governments who try to stop this information from getting to us, with any means necessary. (Even Closing the Internet !)

Wikileaks Financial Crisis, (AlJazeeraEnglish, 2010)